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Content Services

Regal Tech is one of the leading companies in the UAE which deals with IPTV and SMATV network technologies in Dubai. We are the first company in the Middle East to offer satellite services to the local population in the ’80s. We continue to be the leading providers of Free-to-air and Pay channel content, through the latest technologies in IPTV, Dubai and SMATV, Dubai

Nowadays, service providers are opting the new ways for TV channel subscriptions to reach the spectators despite the change in viewing habits. In the present broadcasting system, users still don’t have the choice to watch shows whenever they desire. Due to the change in digital technology, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is becoming more popular as consumers have the choice to watch programs when they wish. SMATV ( Satellite Master Antenna Television ) allows users to receive programming straight from the satellite. 

We deliver high-resolution content, and related technologies like 4K and 8K on varied display formats, from the large screen, LED and Video walls, to mobile screens. Get a one-stop solution for all the available pay channels, in over 25 languages across the world. In addition, our technical support team, and easy renewal options offer seamless service to our customers.

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