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Regal Tech has a broad portfolio of services that can be offered to a wide range of customers. We help customers build and maintain their technology infrastructure and improve operational efficiency through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, and Safety/Security solutions. Our ICT, Security, and Safety portfolio includes GPON, Passive and Active networking, servers, storage, IP CCTV, Access Control, and Analytics, with a focus on Energy Management, Cloud computing, and IoT.

Our Wide Range of Services Include

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. We’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best guidance from the top people in the entire industry.

Virtual Maintenance Contract

Virtual Maintenance Contract & IT Solutions

Technology downtime can be crippling for an organization. It could be an audio video connectivity problem while connecting to an important client, or the CCTV cameras going kaput at security concern areas. You do not need to let these issues affect your business.RegalTech let you solve these hiccups by providing best virtual maintenance contracts & IT solutions for your business that too without having to add resources to your team, by becoming your extended outsourced IT team that is available at your beck and call to resolve IT issues.

Our team can be your SOS call, aligned to your business needs in advance, ensuring quick and effective resolution of the issue at hand. To ensure availability of a trained and qualified team on various technology equipment at all times, we have created a wide network of professionals across the globe who can guide and assist you to resolve any technology hardware issue.

Contact RegalTech for the best Virtual Maintenance Contract & IT Solutions. Our network of technicians, and engineers, are available for breakdown and preventive maintenance 24×7, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

How it works:

Content Services

RegalTech was the first company in the Middle East to offer satellite services to the local population in the 80’s. We continue to be the leading providers of Free-to-air and Pay channel content, through the latest IPTV and SMATV technologies. We deliver high resolution content, and related technologies like 4K and 8K on varied display formats, from large screen LED and Video walls, to mobile screens.

We offer a one stop solution for all the available pay channels, in over 25 languages across the world. In addition, our technical support team, and easy renewal options offer seamless service to our customers.

IT Maintenance Services

On Demand Service

Whatever be your technology requirement, RegalTech is just a call away. We offer clients the flexibility to request ad-hoc services, products and solutions, and our team will be available to facilitate the same with quick design, turn around and immediate delivery options.

Preventive Maintenance

It’s better to be safe than sorry. RegalTech specialises in preventive maintenance service for the entire range of technology solutions and products. Our experienced team is well aware of best practices and maintenance procedures set by various manufactures, and applies them to maintain the health of your equipments. We check for red alerts issues, and take appropriate measures to ensure the threat is eliminated and systems protected, serviced, and maintained.

We highly recommend regular preventive checks and maintenance by specialists for minimum downtime and control. to – We focus on ‘predict and prevent’, rather than ‘detect and repair’, and highly recommend regular preventive checks and maintenance by specialists for minimum downtime and control.

Annual Maintenance Services

RegalTech helps companies establish a safe and secure technology environment, aligned with the business infrastructure, industry standards, authority compliance, and latest updates.

Our team of trained technicians, and engineers, are available for breakdown and preventive maintenance 24×7, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core business.

The organization has invested in relevant workflow and team collaboration systems that provide quick and accurate information flow to support our field team. A structured escalation matrix, and supervision from subject matter experts and service leaders from the industry ensures quick corrective and preventive action for minimum downtime.

Retrofit and System Upgrades Solutions

Technology is constantly evolving and the key differentiation of a successful business in today’s environment is the use of latest relevant business technologies. RegalTech customers take advantage of our team of skilled professionals who are well equipped to advise, plan, and implement the customer’s technology roadmap.

Managed IT Services & Solutions

RegalTech helps you manage all your technology requirements, without worrying about a large capital investment. We work as an extended arm of your organisation, understanding and managing your technology, business requirement and their interdependencies. More and more organisations are looking at managed services to reduce fixed costs, and streamline operational efficiency. Technical expertise, ease of availability, and high service levels of our support staff ensures you can focus on your core business while RegalTech takes care of all technology requirements.

Authorized Service Centers

RegalTech operates authorized service centres for a range of leading brands in ELV, AV and related fields.

IT and ELV Consultants

Every organisation is unique and has a distinct set of needs and challenges. RegalTech offers bespoke solutions for each client. Our experienced and skilled team visits the site for a thorough understanding of the requirements. After a detailed study of the requirement and related drawings/ documents, the team designs the best possible solution, and suggests options that suit the client’s needs and budgets. Customers can choose to work with us for the entire integration as well, from system integration and testing, to regular maintenance and upgrades.

Rental Service

RegalTech also provides selective rental services for its key customers, for technology related products and solutions.