Remote Meeting ‘Bloopers’

Remote Meeting ‘Bloopers’

The corporate world has had decades of training to perfect meetings – from agendas to stay on topic, to moderators, clocks synced, and MOMs to get us back on topic the next time around.

Come corona, and things have changed like we never thought would. While we all learn to move on to the new normal, we have experienced bloopers that is making this transition quite un-forgetful, and embarrassing for some. Here are our favorite picks of bloopers of the ‘remote meeting world’

  • Ambiance music: We have experienced plates falling, dogs barking, and of course kids screaming. This is something very few can avoid, and hence probably forgivable, except may be the toilet flushing while you explain a ‘messy’ situation
  • Sharing the wrong screen: Now this function is a life saver. How else can trainings ever happen? But often a peak into the other windows open, leave a lot for the imagination of the idle mind.
  • Forgetting to mute or un-mute yourself: You forget to mute yourself, and ask your spouse to order pizza. Not good, but nothing in comparison with the one who was cursing his boss thinking he is muted!
  • Bad connection: This is a classic. While trainings have gone kaput when the trainer has a bad connection, many creative geniuses have tried to use this to their advantage when asked to discuss sales figures.
  • Scribbles on the teacher’s presentation: The option to annotate is an excellent tool for collaborative meetings, but it becomes fun when the students decide the make suggestions and scribble on the teacher’s presentation.

Many a tool has been developed for collaborative remote meetings. While we can’t always avoid these bloopers, we could help you choose the right tool that will make it as fool-proof as possible.

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